How to Install Ionic

How to Install Ionic
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First, to start with an ionic you need minimum requirements for building your app with the current release of Ionic.

  1. Download and install Git for Windows.
  2. Click here to download Node.js . Make sure that you have installed MSI.
  3. Download Android SDK and JDK from Android.
    1. After download, the SDK zip extracts it and place it in any drive.
      1. Open control panel
      2. Then go to System
      3. Then go to Change Environment Variables of the User
      4. Then click create a new environment variable
      5. Create a new variable named ANDROID_HOME
      6. Set its value to your Android directory e.g E:/sdk
  4. Open Command Prompt and below line to install Cordova[php]npm install -g cordova [/php]
  5. Install Ionic[php]npm install -g ionic[/php]
  6. Create the project[php]ionic start projectname blank[/php][php]cd projectname [/php]
  7. Configure Platforms
    Select android for android app and ios for Ios.
  8. [php]ionic platform add ios[/php][php]ionic platform add android[/php]
  9. Build it[php] ionic build ios[/php][php]ionic build android [/php]
  10. Emulate it[php]ionic emulate ios[/php][php]ionic emulate android [/php]


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