[bha size=’120×120′ variation=’01’ align=’alignleft’]    The online platform is the biggest platform to make money online. If you see the online markets then you will realize it. Make online money is not too easy and too hard. if you have the best services and traffics then you definitely will earn money from your website.

You can take an example of Amazon, [eafl id=”542″ name=”Dreamhost” text=”Dream Host”], eBay, Best Earning Blog Websites etc. They are making money online. Their business is large and they have huge experience in the Online Marketing.

Today, we will see how to make online money. If you have a blog website and best traffic then you can earn online money easily.

How to make online money.

1) Web Hosting

Web Hosting
Web Hosting

Web hosting is the best platform to earn money online. Register as an affiliate with Hosting Company and get an affiliate link. After registration with affiliate account, you can also get a web hosting companies banners. Place those banners on the website.

Write the best blog on web hosting and or create a discount coupon and sell them online.
When you wrote a blog, the reader will read it and those are want to make a Web Hosting they will click on your banner or generate affiliate links.

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Affiliate links will be redirected to Web Hosting companies website. They save cookies in the browser and when user buy any hosting plan then you will get a commission.

Commissions are depended upon Hosting plan and hosting provider. You need to check the plans and commission before applying for an Affiliate Programs.

Here are the web hosting links which are providing Affiliate Programs.

  • [eafl id=”429″ name=”Bluehost” text=”Bluehost”]
  • [eafl id=”1079″ name=”SiteGround” text=”Site Ground”]
  • [eafl id=”1078″ name=”WpWebHost” text=”WP Web Host”]
  • [eafl id=”1076″ name=”Hostgator” text=”Hostgator”]
  • [eafl id=”1077″ name=”Bigrock” text=”Big Rock”]
  • [eafl id=”542″ name=”Dreamhost” text=”Dream Host”]
  • [eafl id=”475″ name=”Globehost” text=”Globe Host”]

2) Google AdSense The best Earning Platform.

If you ask me about Google Adsense then I will definitely recommend it. It is the best way to Earn Money Online.

Every Blogger has wished to use Google AdSense on the website but it seems to be difficult to get approval at the first time. When you get approved then you can use publisher account for any new domain.

Google AdSense is a branding ads community which pays on ad click and ad impressions. When your page loads, ads should be visible on the place such way that reader will see it immediately.

To place the Google Adesnse, The best places are header and Sidebars. Please read here How to make the Sidebar Sticky in the WordPress. 

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3) Paid Advertising

Paid advertising is one of the best sources to earn online money. To earn money from Paid Adverting you have to reserve your space on your website and have to place ads in that area.

That ads are not from any advertising company. These are Paid from another real advertiser. To place an ad you need to charge them. If you have huge traffic then you ask for $xx for per month.

Place an advertisement on your website that you are allowing Paid Advertisement.

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4) Email Marketing

Email Marketing
Email Marketing

Email Marketing is another way to earn money online. Ask your subscribers to subscribe on your website. When you build a strong list you can start Email Marketing.

Create an account on MailChimp or [eafl id=”1132″ name=”Aweber” text=”Aweber”]. Ask your visitors to subscribe to your newsletter.

When you got too many subscribers then you can start email marketing. Few Advertiser wants to promote their product online and with the help of email marketing, they can reach to visitors from you.

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5) YouTube videos

Like Google AdSense, you can earn from YouTube. Create a video from your blog or any video and upload on the YouTube.

After reaching YouTube policy, you will earn money from YouTube.
Under the YouTube video description, you can add your links to engage your audience.

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6) Sell ebook

Selling ebook online is another way to earn money.

Where you have content on your website, collect it and create an ebook and sell created ebooks online. When visitor purchases, you will earn money.

Let see an example:

You are writing blogs on Web Hosting and after certain blogs, you have more details about Web Hosting.

Create an ebook on Web Hosting and sell it online.

7) Affiliate Programs

Affiliate Program is the best Program to Make Money Online and it’s my favorite program.

My first online Earning was from Affiliate Programs.

Register with all affiliate programmers and create your links. You can use  [eafl id=”1127″ name=”Thirsty Affiliates” text=”Thirsty Affiliates”] plugin to add your affiliate links.  While writing blogs, When you need to write about your Affiliate Programmer then add Affiliate link with [eafl id=”1127″ name=”Thirsty Affiliates” text=”Thirsty Affiliates”] Plugin.

When a visitor reads your blog and clicks on that generated link and purchase the product or sign up with them, you will earn money from it.

Let’s take another example.

We are writing blogs on affiliate program we have registered with several providers. While writing blogs on affiliate, we are adding a link and getting paid from it.
I’m going to add all our affiliate links below.

8) Paid Guest blog

Guest Blog post means you are allowing another blogger to write a blog on your website. Find your niche and ask them to write a blog post on your website.

If your website is too popular and having 1000+ visitors per day then you can charge them as you want. Once you got the Guest Blogger list to earn money from them and traffic in advance.

We are also accepting a free guest post on unityblogger.net site and on unityblogger.com site.

For time being, we are allowing free guest post but you want to earn money from guest post then you can charge bloggers

With the help of this, you will get money and automatically your traffic will increase if their content is powerful.

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9) Accept Donation from visitors

If you are providing excellent article then request for your visitor to donate.Visitor can donate if they really get something from your website.

Web archive website earning from the donation. You can use PayPal Donation plugins or Paypal.me link direct.

We are allowing donation and if we think this is relevant information then you can donate us.

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10) Online shop

This is another way to earn more money. You can create an online shop where you can sell products online like Amazon, eBay, Flipkart etc.

If you are a blogger, you can create a product related to your article, WordPress themes, and plugins and sell them from the website.

11) Viglink Ads and its Affiliate

[eafl id=”1129″ name=”Viglink” text=”Viglink “]is ad provider who is generating affiliate links from itself in your content. The advisor is registered on [eafl id=”1129″ name=”Viglink” text=”Viglink”]. When you write a content, [eafl id=”1129″ name=”Viglink” text=”Viglink”] will create an affiliate link and insert automatically in the content if they match with the database.

[eafl id=”1129″ name=”Viglink” text=”Viglink”] also provides affiliate links and anywhere links where you have to save a bookmark on the browser and if any eCommerce or shop website is open in your browser, it will allow you to generate the anywhere link.

Share that generated links. When a visitor clicks o. It and purchase something, you will earn.